This is the website for the Ohio Travel Soccer League. The OHTSL is a youth soccer league for travel/community players both boys and girls between the birth years of 2006-2013 (U09 - U15). The league is comprised of 85 communities and 775 teams throughout Northern Ohio with both competitive and geographical brackets. The league is a proud member of US Club Soccer.

For more information about the league, sponsorship opportunities or to consider joining; please contact Howard Klebanow at  president@ohtsl.com or (216) 469-7104.


Congratulations to the the following on their being selected as the 2021 OHTSL Scholarship recipients.  Each student has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship!



Emily Moran - Madison

Kaley Norris - Avon Lake

Mikayla Lindo - Vermilion



Zachary Baldwin - Solon

Panagiotis Tsarouhas - Revere

Tyler Danburg - Fairview Park


The OHTSL welcomes you to spring travel season! Below you will find important information for the season.


Game/Game Scheduling Information:

  • Game Rescheduling: requests approved by both community reps must be submitted to OHTSL   via the game change system no less than 7-day prior to the original game date.
  • Make-up Game Scheduling: requests approved by both community reps must be submitted to OHTSL via the game change system no less than 7 day prior to the new game date.
  • Game Cancellations: any games that are unable to be played or rescheduled within the 7 day deadline will result in a $100 forfeit fee billed to cancelling community and game score recording   of 0-5 loss for cancelling community.
  • Game Score Reporting: coaches/managers must enter game scores within 24 hours of the      game at League -> Enter Score 

Travel Team Declarations:

  • Team Declaration Instructions
  • All teams must be declared by 2/28/21
  • Fees = $110 per team due by 2/28/21
  • Payment mailed to: OHTSL PO Box 39398 Solon, OH 44139
  • Birth Year Chart
  • Max Game Rosters: 7v7 = 14, 9v9 = 16, 11v11 = 18

  Community Maintenance:
  • Community Contacts - ensure your community contacts are updated for the spring 2021 season
  • Field Locations - ensure your fields are setup and active
  • Field Blackout Dates - ensure field blackout dates are entered
  • Community Maintenance Instructions
  • Field Insurance - Certificate of Liability Insurance

  2020-2021 US Club Soccer Registration/Passcards:
  • Passcard Fees: 11 & younger = $14 for one-year fall to spring
  • Passcard Fees: 12 & older = $16 for one-year fall to spring
  • Passcard Fees: Staff = $20 for two-years fall to spring


The OHTSL and US Club are pleased to announce that the OHTSL will now be able to register Community Recreation Programs through US Club.


  1. Approval of a Sanctioning Application
  2. Completion and submission of a player/coach spreadsheet
  3. Note: Coaches are required to meet the standing US Club coaching requirements of Sidle Sports DOC and background screening
  • $10 per player
  • $5 per coach
 For additional information or to begin the process please contact: events@ohtsl.com


US Club Soccer Carding: SportsEngine to GotSport

For the 2021-2022 registration year, US Club Soccer player and staff registration will take plaice within the GotSport plaftform. Please refere below for important informaiton.

Information & FAQ's:

Phase 1 Training:

  • Previously recorded training session - Link

Phase 2 Training:

  • 6/01 11AM Training Registraiton - Link
  • 6/02 2PM Training Registration - Link
  • 6/03 3PM Training Registration - Link
  • 6/08 11AM Training Registration - Link
  • 6/09 9PM Training Registration - Link
  • 6/10 3PM Training Registration - Link



Visit OHTSL on Facebook


Please send declaration / forfeit fees to the following address:

  • Ohio Travel Soccer League
  • P.O. Box 39398
  • Solon, Ohio 44139


July 11 - Fall Team Declarations Close

July 15 - Preliminary Fall Brackets Posted

July 18 - Fall General & Bracketing Meeting (Location TBD)

3:00-4:00 Boys Bracketing

4:15-5:30 General Meeting

5:30-6:30 Girls Bracketing

July 21 - Preliminary Game Scheduling Open

August 4 - Final Date for Fall Preliminary Game Schedule Updates

Click here to see all calendar events.

US Soccer Upcoming Grassroots Licenses

US Soccer is continuing to work on modifying Grassroots Licenses to accomodate various locations across the country and the safety concerns around the country.  

Therefore there are currently two options to run US Soccer Grassroots Licenses.  The first is a traditional option which would be a 2:2 (2 hours in classroom and 2 hours on the field) these can be done on the same day or on two different days.  If using this model, the classroom session should ideally be done outside such as in a pavillion or in a classroom with social distancing requirements met.

The second option is called a blended option, which would be a virtual classroom session and then in person field session.  These can be done on the same day or on two different days.

The US Soccer Coaching License Pathway Program requires that a coach completes two IN PERSON grassroots licenses, including the in person 11v11, and then one online grassroots license before they can be eligible for the D License.

If your community is interested in hosting either option for a US Soccer Grassroots License (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11 or a D License) please reach out to OHTSL DOC at Marcie Schwartz at doc@ohtsl.com.

All course details and registration link can be found in the Coaching Tab under US Soccer Licenses.  


Upcoming Courses Listed Below:

US Soccer BLENDED 11v11 Grassroots License (Hosted at Solon)---May 21 & 22, 2021

US Soccer BLENDED 7v7 Grassroots License (Hosted through Cuyahoga Falls)---June 11 & 12, 2021

US Soccer BLENDED 11v11 Grassroots License (Hosted at WRA)---July 34 & 24, 2021

US Soccer BLENDED 7v7 Grassroots License (Hosted through WASA)---August 6-7, 2021

US Soccer BLENDED D License (Hosted through North Royalton)---August-November 2021

Coaches Connection

If your community/club is looking for trainers or coaches, we can market that here.

If interested, please contact Director of Coaching: Marcie Schwartz at doc@ohtsl.com


-Kenston looking to hire trainers

-Solon Lightning looking to hire qualified trainers for practice sessions