This is the website for the Ohio Travel Soccer League. The OHTSL is a youth soccer league for travel/community players both boys and girls between the birth years of 2006-2013 (U09 - U15). The league is comprised of 85 communities and 775 teams throughout Northern Ohio with both competitive and geographical brackets. The league is a proud member of US Club Soccer.

For more information about the league, sponsorship opportunities or to consider joining; please contact Howard Klebanow at howard@ohtsl.com or (216) 469-7104.


The OHTSL welcomes you to the travel season! Below you will find important information for the upcoming season.


Game/Game Scheduling Information:

  • Game Rescheduling: requests approved by both community reps must be submitted to OHTSL   via the game change system no less than 7-day prior to the original game date.
  • Make-up Game Scheduling: requests approved by both community reps must be submitted to OHTSL via the game change system no less than 7 day prior to the new game date.
  • Game Cancellations: any games that are unable to be played or rescheduled within the 7 day deadline will result in a $100 forfeit fee billed to cancelling community and game score recording   of 0-5 loss for cancelling community.
  • Game Score Reporting: both team coaches/managers must enter game scores within 24 hours of the game at League -> Enter Score 

Travel Team Declarations:

  • Team Declaration Instructions
  • All teams must be declared by 3/06/22
  • Fees = $110 per team due by 3/06/22
  • Payment mailed to: OHTSL PO Box 39398 Solon, OH 44139
  • Birth Year Chart
  • Max Game Rosters: 7v7 = 14, 9v9 = 16, 11v11 = 18

  Community Maintenance:
  • Community Contacts - ensure your community contacts are updated for the spring 2022 season
  • Field Locations - ensure your fields are setup and active
  • Field Blackout Dates - ensure field blackout dates are entered
  • Community Maintenance Instructions
  • Field Insurance - Certificate of Liability Insurance

  2021-2022 US Club Soccer Registration/Passcards:
  • Fees: 11 & younger = $14 for one-year fall to spring
  • Fees: 12 & older = $16 for one-year fall to spring
  • Fees: Staff = $20 for two-years fall to spring


The OHTSL and US Club are pleased to announce that the OHTSL will now be able to register Community Recreation Programs through US Club. For detailed informaiton on the process please watch: GotSport Rec Registration Video.


  1. Players & coaches must be entered/uploaded into GotSport and submitted to US Club Soccer for membership - Instructions
  2. Note: Coaches are required to meet the standing US Club coaching requirements of Sidle Sports DOC and background screening
  • $10 per player
  • $5 per coach
For additional information or to begin the process please contact: events@ohtsl.com


February 1 - Spring Team Declarations - Open

February 7 - OHTSL Board Meeting

March 6 - Spring Team Declarations - Close

March 10 - Spring Preliminary Brackets Posted

March 11 - Indoor Travel Cup

Click here to see all calendar events.

Coaching Information & Education

For information on coaching eduction please visit:

  1. Upcoming US Soccer Licensing Courses
  2. Coaching Lesson Plans
  3. OHTSL Reimbusement for Coaching Education

Coaches Connection:

  • Kenston is looking to hire trainers
  • Shaker is looking for experienced coaches to add to their staff
  • Twinsburg is looking for a 2010 lead boys coach
   For additional information please contact: doc@ohtsl.com

Social Media

Visit OHTSL on Facebook

Referee Licensing

Ohio North is in great need of referees, please visit: ohnrefs.org for information on upcoming refree coursres.

Billing Information

Please send declaration/foreit fee to:

  • Ohio Travel Soccer League
  • PO Box 39398
  • Solon, OH 44139