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This is the OHTSL Coaching Education section.  Here you will find helful articles, lesson plans, videos and news to help your coaches with their training needs.


If you are interested in hosting a US Soccer 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 or 11v11 license, please contact OHTSL DOC Marcie Schwartz,


Please take a look at our webinars page to see upcoming webinars that will be hosted through the OHTSL, and our videos page to see past webinars and the footskill challenges put on by many community coaches.

Coaching Education Reimbursement


As a reminder from the July 2018 Bracketing Meeting, the OHTSL has begun a new coaching education reimbursement program. Based on the number of teams registered in the league (boys and girls) the OHTSL will allot each community a certain number of coaches reimbursement, of up to $150.00 (cost of a D License) for a coaching education course.

If a community has 1-5 teams= 2 coaches
If a community has 6-10 teams= 3 coaches
If a community has 11-15 teams= 4 coaches
If a community has 16 teams= 5 coaches

Once the course has been completed please have the coach fill out the attached form, (which can also be found at under the info-->procedures section-->click on "Coach's education reimbursement form") and email me to OHTSL DOC Marcie Schwartz at for reimbursement. The form must be submitted within in the same fiscal year the course was taken, the OHTSL fiscal year runs from August 1-July 31